Two Billion Trees and Counting

A Conversation with Dr. John Bacher Author of “Two Billion Trees and Counting” The Legacy of Dr. John Zavitz
By Donna Murphy

Recently, Dr. John Bacher was a welcome guest at the Peninsula Field Naturalists monthly meeting, where he talked about his new book, “Two Billion Trees and Counting”. I had the privilege of talking with Dr. Bacher at his ivy-covered century home in downtown St. Catharines. I had my eyes opened to the work of a man to whom all naturalists in Niagara owe a great debt of gratitude.

In southern Ontario at the turn of the last century, an environmental disaster was imminent. There were spreading deserts, floods, forest fires. There were no laws or restrictions on tree cutting, and watersheds were unprotected. If not for the work of Dr. John Zavitz, it is difficult for us now to imagine the relative wasteland that would now be our beautiful Niagara region.

Through legislation, far-seeing initiatives, research, help from key dedicated people, and tireless efforts on a number of fronts, Dr. Zavitz literally rescued southern Ontario’s natural heritage. The title of the book is very descriptive, and indicates the work that continues to this day.

I am very grateful to Dr. Bacher for the “labour of love” that he undertook to write this book, and inform us of the work of Dr. Zavitz. What a great inspiration! With ongoing work through many naturalists and environmental groups, the Niagara Greenbelt will continue to be a place of biodiversity, protected species, and a rich natural heritage for our children and our children’s children.

Thank you, Dr. Bacher!

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